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Benefits of facials

Our facials are offered for a variety of skin types. Your skin will be assessed during your first visit to customize each facial to your skin needs. We offer pore extractions and microdermabrasion to help improve skin texture, promote healthy skin regeneration, and give your skin a rejuvenating glow. 

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Monthly, bi-monthly or yearly facials combined with regular skincare at home can help with acne, dry skin, oily skin, dark spots, fine wrinkles, itchiness, and more. Facials at Aarti's Beauty Salon are always customized to your skin needs. Our facials start with a deep cleanse, followed by a pore and blemish extraction, a massage with steam, and a mask. The facial ends with serums and moisturizers that will leave your skin soft, and glowing. Monthly facials are recommended as the skin regenerates itself approximately every 27 days. However, facials can be done more or less frequently as your skin demands. For the best results, regular care is needed to maintain this vital organ's health.

Not only do facials keep your skin healthy and glowing, they also provide lymphatic draining with a massage. Our lymphatic system helps to get rid of waste such as toxins under our skin. Professional massage techniques can detoxify your skin improving your complexion.

Facials also promote good blood circulation. Blood circulation is important for our skin because it contains oxygen that our skin needs for that healthy glow. Along with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and keeping your body hydrated, facials are great at keeping good blood circulation in your face.

Facials are also great at getting your mind to relax and release stress. Add a neck massage or a back massage to the facials to de-stress and relax. Our aromatherapy massages can help improve sleep, reduce anxiety, decrease pain, decrease muscle soreness, and treat headaches and migraines.

Whatever your skin needs, we can help guide you to achieve healthy skin. Talk to our esthetician Aarti about your daily skincare routine, facial routines, sunscreen recommendations, and anything else your skin may need.

Check out our facials and contact us to book an appointment. 

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