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Relaxing Facial


This is a perfect Mother's Day gift or a treat for yourself. Both of our anti-aging facials are designed to treat signs of aging and they are good for all skin types. Did you know you don't have to wait for your 40's or 50's to start antiaging treatments? In fact, it's recommended that you start earlier in your mid 20's for more better results but it's never too late to care for your skin. Our Spring Special is a perfect self-care opportunity with a free take-home gift for you or your loved-one.

Book one of our two facial deals and receive a  free Skyendor at home MyMask face care. These gifts are valued at $70 and are suitable for all skin types. Select between Fresh Sorbet for moisturizing, Fruit Jam for illuminating skin or Dark Charcoal for purifying skin. More information on the gifts below. 


To Book this special: 

STEP 1: Pick a service. Select one of  two facials deals below

STEP 2:  Pick one home care gift for free.

Give us a call or text to book this promo.


PICK A Service


This treatment contains permeabilising anti-wrinkle factor, nano-liposome plant stem cell concentrate, cryogenic lifting solution, polymerising cream mask, evening-out effect

Efficacy studies show that it strengthens the biomechanical functions of the dermis, reorganises collagen fibres and improves their adhesion to fibroblasts by tightening the support structures, reduces wrinkles,
smooths skin relief, increases production of epidermal stem cells and protects them from environmental stresses such as UV rays, and has a strong anti-free radical, anti-inflammatory effect on asphyxiated skin.

Stem Cell FACIAL



The cosmetic treatment that reduces deep wrinkles and expression lines quickly and effectively. This innovative combination of triple-action mechanisms in a single treatment, peeling, firming and relaxing, effectively smooths the deepest of wrinkles.

This contains lifting treatment to restore the volume of face. Contains firming activator gel, anti-gravity serum, face lifting mask and redefining cream for a global firming effect.





With moisturising agents, minerals and Norwegian glacial water. Take the most of nature in just 5 minutes. For all skin types.

Active Ingredients: Osmoregulator moisturising betaine, Norwegian glacial water, Magnesium aspartate, Zinc gluconate and copper, Natural moisturising factor and Malachite extract



Contains glycolic acid and plant extracts rich in natural acids (cranberry, sugar cane, orange, lemon, maple, strawberry). Take the most of nature in just 5 minutes.

Active Ingredients: A cocktail of plant extracts rich in AHA that renovates and illuminates skin and Glycolic acid with an effective exfoliating and illuminating capacity



Made with active charcoal, volcanic sand from Iceland and thermal water from the south of France. Take the most of nature in just 5 minutes. For all skin types.

Active Ingredients: Activated charcoal, Volcano sand from Iceland (peeling), Thermal water from the South of France and Hamamelis water

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