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We are now offering certified organic skin care made in Italy. 

Designed to make your skin feel good and have a low-environment impact.

Natural Cosmetics in Petri Dish

We care for our skin and the environment. The Therra Fusion skin line offered at Aarti Beauty Salon is made in Italy with clinical research for effective results. 

Therra fusion is an ode to nature and science. It uses the sustainability of organic elements and combines it with the effectiveness of biotechnological active substances. 

This line of facials are certified organic, 100% vegan, pleasant to use with visible results. Superfoods high in nutritional contnt are combined with innovative technology like Molecular Bioliquefaction and Hyperfermentation to get rich formulas with bioavaibale active substances. 

The packaging is made to be recycled and it is CO2 compensated by joining Zero Impact Project by LifeGate. Low environmental FSC certified paper and certified ECO-print printing is used. Packing design is also considered and reduced for less waste at the end of life.

Closeup of a Petri Dish
Natural Cosmetics

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